Ep1: Break the Ice with friends

English training

Break the Ice with your Friends

アイスブレイクが苦手~~~。How are you? 以外になにを言ったらいいか分からない。って感じたことはないですか?私は苦手でした。


※PodcastではカナディアンTeacher Janeの話す生の発音音声が聞けます!Shun と Mireiが日々英語のスピーキングの練習もしているので、ぜひ音声を聞きながら一緒に練習してみてください!

Podcast:English Training のハナシ How to banter and break the ice with friends

Picture of talking with friends

Episode Keywords

【Asking  Question】

  • How’s it going?
  • How was your weekend?
  • It’s sunny out! What a nice day! Any plan for today?
  • What’s new?  (1~2months 会ってない)
  • What have you been up to? ( しばらく会ってない)
  • I like your shirt
  • How’s your day going so far? (1pm 2pm ~)
  • Any plans for the weekend?
  • Did you get a haircut?
  • Did you hear ~~~?
  • You look down, what’s going on?


「How are you?「I’m fine, thank you. And you?」


さっそくこのフレーズを使ってShun とMireiがナチュラルなアイスブレイクができるように練習しました!!

Podcast の音声もぜひ聞いて一緒に練習してね!


Role playing -Break the ice

M: Hi Shun! How’s your day going so far? (How’s it going Today so far?)

S: It’s sleepy day      (I’m sleepy today)

M: What’s going on? 

S: Because I slept at 3am, I couldn’t sleep enough.  (I went to sleep at 3am, so I’m tired.) 

※ I couldn’t sleep はすでに分かってることだから言わなくても大丈夫! 

M: But you have to be energetic today, because we have a Podcast!!

S: Yeah for sure!! I’m energetic because I’m drinking Canada Dry (Ginger ale), it will boost me up!! (pick me up)

M: Awesome!!

S: How about you Mirei?  What have you been up to?

M: I’m so good.  I went to an outdoor cinema yesterday, I enjoyed it a lot! Actually, it was my third time, I like the outdoor cinema.

S: oh you’ve been there 3 times?

M: Yes, I really recommend this outdoor cinema in the summer in Vancouver.  

S:  Yeah that’s sounds fun. I will check it out!

M: yeah you should. For sure!!

【Role play 2】

S: Hi Mirei, how’s it going

M: It’s great because the weather is so great today.

S: yeah it’s nice out today~

M: for sure, I’m going to the beach

S: oh you’re going to the beach today? It’s nice

M: how about you? what’s going on with you?

S: It’s great because I have a plan to go to an Italian restaurant this evening. It’s expensive but it is very famous.

M: Where is the restaurant? Tell me more!!

S: It’s in Gastown, I think the name is some …… Italian name?

M: oh cool!  I will check it out later

S: Yeah for sure

M: Enjoy your dinner (Have fun)

S: I’ll let you know how it goes.

M: For sure! Have fun

S&M   Catch you later~~

Podcast内でもJaneが言ってたように、実際の細かい情報なんてさほど気にしていません。笑 あくまでも挨拶!なのでそんなに緊張しないでラフにアイスブレイクを楽しめたらいいな~と思います!

英語でのアイスブレイクについてTeache Janeに聞きたいことがあれば、ぜひコメントお願いします!私たちと一緒に自然なネイティブ英語を身に付けましょう~!


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