【YouTube】Online English Training ~ Our company is in Financial Crisis Part2

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こんなとき英語でどう言う?ネイティブが使う英語を練習しよう!Online English TrainingをYouTubeで配信中! ~レイオフ編~

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Roleplay ~ Our company is in a Financial Crisis ~


  Hi Mirei. Can we talk? Do you have a minute?

           Yes, of course. What’s on your mind? What can I do for you?


I hate to say this, our company is in a hard situation right now, and we are in a financial crisis. We need to do something drastic for our company to survive and I have something in mind, I wanted to share with you.

I have been aware of our situation and definitely hope things will turn around. So what do you have in mind?


I’m thinking to lay off employees to cut down costs. I really don’t want this to be a cut-throat situation, however, this is important to do, so I want to get your two cents. What do you think if we cut down costs by laying off your department and for you to take over most of the tasks? And I also want to ask you to choose who to lay off in your department. So our company can get back on track and survive this financial crisis.

I see. This is a really tough situation. But I want to use the layoffs as a last resort because everyone is working hard and I think there are other solutions for our company to get back on track. So can we consider other options?


I hear you. However, I have another option would be a salary cut for everyone in your department because your department uses a lot of costs. I know there are a lot of skilled workers in your department, however, they have a high salary and if we do a salary cut for them, maybe they will leave our company. That is why, at first we can lay some staff off and then we can figure out how to get back on track.

That’s a possibility. But I am wondering if I could have my salary cut down instead for a while until we get back on track. I don’t mind taking a pay cut.


I appreciate your offer. That’s very generous of you. But I don’t want only you to be responsible for this, so I hope we can find a happy middle and look into different options because I don’t think this is fair for only you to get a salary cut. So I’m wondering if we can just lay-off employees to cut down our costs.

Yes, that’s true. My salary cut will not make a big difference, but laying off someone and for me to choose doesn’t feel right. So I’m wondering if we can find a happy middle?


Yes, fair enough. We can try to figure something out. So just give me a time to consider some of our options.

                         I will also do the same


Sounds like a plan! Thank you for your time. I really appreciate your input.

    Of course any time. Thank you for letting me know our company’s situation


Yes, I hate for us to be in this situation, but hopefully, it will work out soon and we can get back on track

I hope so. I will do everything I can for our company to survive.


I appreciate that

                                                    Of course. Bye for now.




Practice makes perfect!


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