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こんなとき英語でどう言う?ネイティブが使う英語や言い方を練習しよう!What do you think about social media? Part1



さて、今回はJaneとMireiがいろんなトピックについて話しています!その中で出てきた英語表現のキーワードも後半にまとめているので、ぜひこのキーワードをチェックしながらポッドキャスト を聞いて自分の意見も考えてみましょう!英語で考えて、英語で表現するのもいい練習になりますよ~! 

Practice makes Perfect!!

Podcast: Teacher Jane の English Traning のハナシ  ~Ep7. Discuss defferent topics~ 

Express my opinion ~ Topic 1 ~

Hi Mirei! What do you think about social media? Do you think that there is some impact that social media has on our mental health these days?

I think that social media impacts our mental health because we can see many posts that are glamorous, and I feel less. Sometimes I understand that this is hyped up for social media but I feel jealous of them because I’m not in the same boat. I’m always comparing myself to others.

And also, if I see many negative posts, it brings me down. For example, if someone criticizes or comments in an opinionated way with their beliefs, so they try to push me to change my mind and they poo-poo my ideas. That brings me down.

And, I often see ads for online shopping through social media, it makes me do something that I don’t want to do. When I see hashtags such as #Amazonfinds #kitchentools, I downloaded the App because it pushes me in.

So what effect does it have on your mental health? After it pushes you in, do you criticize yourself?

I’m ok for now because I just download the App and I haven’t bough anything yet. But if I buy something expensive that I actually don’t need, I would criticize myself and be down on myself for doing that. But I’ve learned self-control from that experience. So I try to have positive outlook on social media.

How should we navigate this type of issue that social media has on mental health?

We shouldn’t think too much about others’ lifestyles. What other people do is not our business. What I’m trying to do is say to myself “ This is social media not real life”, so I separate myself from the fake world to reality and know the difference. I understand the mentality behind it. And try not to mix it up and fall into it. Enjoy it as just social media and as entertainment.

It’s kind of wired thing that people get jealous. It’s probably deep down inside deep-rooted feelings instead of feeling of happiness. But deep down, we feel jealous and unfair. It’s probably not as glamorous as it looks. We need to work on ourselves to have love and acceptance for other people instead of jealousy. It’s important to love and accept ourselves and also to get away from jealousy.

You do you and I do me.



ETC Keywords

Feel less:自分を劣って感じる、自分に自信がなくなる


Hype up:盛り上げる、興奮させる

I’m not in the same boat:同じ立場ではない、同じ状況ではない

I’m always comparing myself to others:いつも他人と自分を比べてしまう

Birng someone down:落ち込ませる、気持ちを下げる


Opinionated with their beliefs:自分の信念に執着している、意見が強い

They try to push me to change my mind:私の考えを変えようとする、説得しようとする

It makes me do something that I don’t want to do:自分がしたくないことをさせられる

Positive outlook on social media:ソーシャルメディアの前向きな見方、ポジティブな考え方

separate myself from fake world to reality and know the difference:非現実の世界から離れて、現実との違いを認識する

deep rooted feeling:強い感情、深く根付いた感情

you do you and I do me:あなたはあなた、私は私

Challenges and hardships:課題や困難、苦難





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