【YouTube】03. Online English Training ~ We are childhood friends!! We know each other inside out ~ Part1

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こんなとき英語でどう言う?ネイティブが使う英語を練習しよう!Online English TrainingをYouTubeで配信中!~ 幼馴染編 ~


今回は、ネイティブが使う英語表現を練習できる、Online English Trainingの幼馴染編のキーワードを紹介します。すでにこの回のオンラインレッスンの様子はYoutubeに投稿してるので、ぜひチェックしてください。今回のコンテンツは、日常生活で使える英会話表現を教えてくれるため、英語が苦手な方でも取り組みやすい内容となっています。さっそくその中で取り上げられるキーワードやフレーズについてまとめていきます。

ETC Keywords

Childhood friends

childhood friend” is someone who was a close friend during your childhood years, someone you grew up together and have shared memories and experiences with.


Aimi and Mirei grew up together and they still often hangout together. They are definitely good childhood friends.

Know something /someome inside out

to know something or someone very well, including all the details and characteristics.


We are childhood friends so we know everything about each other. So I know her inside out, the good, the bad and the ugly.

The good, the bad and the ugly

It is a clutural expression that is used to know every angle, side and aspect of the situation.


I want to go to vancouver,so I asked my friend for some advice.My friend asked me “what do you want to know?”
I said “Tell me everything!! The good, the bad and the ugly”

I always look at her to see what she’s thinking / I always look at her expressions

Constantly checking what she’s thinking, her mood, or reaction.


I always look at her expressions and hesitate to say anything to her because she sometimes gives me strange looks. She can be annoying

she is always considerate of me

She is always thinking about my situation, what I like, what I don’t like.


She is always considerate of me because I have an allergy to nuts. Whenever I go to her house, she always makes sure to cook something without nuts.

see past something

To not be influenced or have your opinion changed by something


My childhood friend is very understanding. Even though I sometimes judge her, she sees past that, so we are still good friends.


a fault or weakness in something. It can be used to describe a mistake or imperfection in something that makes it less than perfect

欠陥・欠点  ⇔ flawless *Flawless skin (欠点のないすべすべのお肌)

My flaw is that I can be very indecisive. Whenever I need to deciede something, I take a long time to choose even when, it’s just a simple decision to choose a snack at the grocery store.

We are not in touch with one another often

We haven’t contacted each other for a long time.


We are still good friends even though we are not in touch with one another often

Have deep pockets

People or organizations that are financially wealthy and have a lot of money.


One of my clients seems to have deep pocket because she always brings named brand purses to our meetings, travels on luxury vacations every week and goes to fancy restaurants every day.

drifting apart

two or more people gradually become distant from each other.


After we graduated high school, we became busy in our new environments and had new circle of friends, so we started to drift apart from each other.

Have a heart to heart

Have a deep conversation in a very open and genuine way.


My friend and I need to have a heart to heart about the problems we are facing in our friendship.

a knife in my heart

It is an expression showing an emotional or physical trauma so great, it feels as if someone had stubbed them in the heart.


Hearing his girlfriend say she wanted to break up was like a knife in Tom’s heart.

that’s what friends are for

an expression that emphasizes the importance of friendship and the idea that friends are there to support and help each other.


You can always count on me whenever you feel down. Remember that I’m here for you and I will do anything I can to help you. That’s what friends are for.


What kind of friendship would you have if you were childhood friends?


I know Mirei inside out, the good, the bad and the ugly. She is amazing and she often helps me out. However, sometimes when I tell something to her, she gives me a judgemental look and gives me a strange reaction. So sometimes I don’t want to hangout with her because it is very irritating for me to see her reaction.

Aimi is awesome. She is always considerate of me because even though I sometime judge her and  give her strange expressions. But She sees past that. It doesn’t matter. We are still friends because Aimi is very understanding of my flaws.

Even though we are not in touch with one another often, we are still connected like sisters. It doesn’t matter how much time goes by. We are soul sisters.

今回はネイティブが使う英語表現を練習できるOnline English Trainingの幼馴染編のキーワードを紹介しました。次回の記事では、AimiとMireiがこれらのキーワードを使ったロールプレイのスクリプトを投稿します。スクリプトを見ながらYouTubeに動画で音声を聞くと学習効率がアップしますよ!実際に英会話を練習してみたい方は、ぜひチェックしてみてください!


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