【YouTube】Online English Training – Our Comapny need to lay-off Part1

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こんなとき英語でどう言う?ネイティブが使う英語を練習しよう!ETC online classをYouTubeで配信!


さっそくですが、YouTubeでの2回目のOnline English Trainingの様子を投稿しました!今回は、いつもよりETC Keywords も 盛りだくさんの1時間半のレッスンです♪


春のBreaking the Ice

まずは、いつも通りBreak the Ice!! すぐに本題から入りたい方は、11:52~から動画を見てくださいね!

Roleplay ~Our company's going through financial crisis~

今回は、私達が働いている会社がFinancial crisisに陥り、費用カットの為にCEO(Aimi)がMirei(Maneger)に人員カットにちついて相談している、ちょっとタフな場面のロールプレイです。

まずは、ETC Keywordsからチェックしていきましょう!

ETC Keywords 1

Big cheese

Someone who is the highest rank or who has the power to control. 


例:The owner is sitting over there, you can go talk to him about getting a table for tonight. He is the big cheese around here.


Someone who is unfriendly or hard to approach so that other people are less likely to speak to them


例:The CEOS in our company are unapproachable and we feel uncomfortable to bring up issues so that’s the reason we can’t do our best. 

lay-off their employee

the temporary or permanent termination of employment by an employer for reasons unrelated to the employee’s performance


例:Unfortunately, the company needs to lay-off many employees due to financial issues the company is experiencing at this time.

Spiralling down

a situation in which something continuously decreases or gets worse


例:If performance is going down in a company and everyone feels anxious then everything will spiral down which will have terrible consequences for the company.


nervous or worried, and unable to relax


例:When a company is in a financial crisis, it becomes stressful and tense to work in this unstable environment.

down in the dumps

Depressed, very sad, unhappy like everyone is feeling in the garbage


例:I was laid-off today, I’m so upset and feel down in the dumps so I won’t be going out anywhere for a while.


to be unable to pay one’s debts.


例:Bankruptcy is one of our options in this financial crisis as everything is spiraling down and we may have to close our doors.  

seasoned employee

someone who has skills and experience in their field.


例:Tom is a seasoned employee, so the CEO wants to get over our company’s financial situation.


having very big effect and change


例:We need to do something drastic for our company to survive.


Cutthroat situation is that people or companies involved all want success and do not care if they harm each other in getting it.


例:If we want a promotion we need to be cut-throat and go after what we want.

I want to get your two cents on…

★two cents = someone’s opinion and ideas


例:We need to lay-off our employees to cut down our costs so it would be great to get your two cents on this issue.

happy middle

a good choice or condition that avoids any extremes


例:This option doesn’t feel right, is there any way we can find a happy middle so we can move forward on a positive note? 




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